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0 AMC Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

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Angie overhears Amanda telling Jake that Jesse accidentally found out the sex of their child. Angie now wants to know and Jesse says they’re having a girl.  Erica and Ryan bring the news to Kendall that Zach perished in a plane crash.  At first, Kendall is in complete denial, but when Bianca is told the news, and then shows up at Kendall’s house, it rocks Kendall to the core and she begins to realize that Zach must be dead.  Ryan informs her however that Zach’s body was never recovered, but there was no way he could have survived the waters and the plane crash.  At the same time, court resumes and Jackson is worried about the verdict for Greenlee in the David Hayward murder case.  Then, the Jury is in and renders their decision. Greenlee is found guilty. The courtroom is next in shock when David turns up to be alive and shows up just at court just as Greenlee is about to being taken away in handcuffs. David takes the stand and explains how he planned his own murder to frame Ryan, but when Greenlee ended up being sentenced to a prison sentence he decided to come forward, because he tells her he loves her, and he never meant it to be her that went to jail, it was supposed to be Ryan.

Krystal and Tad share shocking news. Kendall lashes out at the courtroom blaming David for Zach’s death. Greenlee apologizes to Kendall.  Marissa goes off on her father, David when she finds out he is alive and lets him have it in the courtroom also.  Later, reeling from the news of Zach’s death, Kendall lashes out around her house and goes off on Greenlee. Griffin shows up looking for Zach. Liza says she will continue to do her job. Krystal steps up from someone close to her lending support and confidence.

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