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0 AMC Recap – Nov 23-27th

All My Children


Zach spies through the window at the boarding house, and Aidan sets the scene to make it look as though he and Kendall are having sex when in reality, it’s really Kendall’s look-a-like appearing to be making love with him. Believing Kendall betrayed him with Aidan once again, Zach begins destroying everything in his path. Kendall is desperate to make contact with Zach. Aidan has no intention of allowing Kendall to reunite with Zach. Annie remains in critical condition. Scott makes sure Adam watches the final DVD Annie made and also gives him proof that Adam was the father of the baby she miscarried. Adam sits at an unconscious Annie’s bedside and pleads with her to come back to him. Amanda confides in Angie that she slept with David. Later, David realizes it’s possible he’s not really Trevor’s father after all. Tad goes to the boarding house looking for Kendall but Kat claims that she ran off with Aidan because they’re having an affair. After returning to Pine Valley, Tad tells Erica he believes Kendall took off with Aidan and they might be headed to Los Angeles. Annie opens her eyes as Adam professes his love for her. Scott and Annie are arrested after being charged with being accessories to murder after the fact. Amanda confesses to Jake that she slept with David.

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