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0 AMC Recap – Sept 13 – Sept 17th


Liza decides to use what Colby’s told her about the fight in court. With Krystal’s help, Marissa tries to help AJ. Marissa gets into an argument with JR over his plan to take down Scott and turn Colby against him. JR questions Asher on why the college he listed on his resume has no record of him. Asher worms his way into Wildwind to download Caleb’s schedule and gives it to JR. Kendall fears Zach’s going to be upset when he finds out she’s facing criminal charges. Annie finds AJ hiding in the bushes because he heard JR and Marissa fighting about him. Angie’s loved ones gather to lend their support. Krystal is happy with the way things have been going between her and Caleb, but when she questions where things stand between him and Erica, Caleb deflects the conversation. Madison suggests she knows who was responsible for using poison to commit the murder. Bianca and Amanda discuss mutual hard times they both have had in their lives. Jesse tells Liza that the person murdered ingested the poison from a glass that only his fingerprints were found on and Liza thinks she knows who is responsible. After JR puts out a press release that could potentially be damaging to Scott, Annie declares it’s time to play hardball. Annie sets up a meeting between her, Scott and Caleb. Tad grills Caleb on his time spent with Krystal. Marissa reaffirms her allegiance to Caleb even if it pits her against JR. JR argues with Caleb. JR tries to hide from Marissa the fact AJ was involved in a fight at school but she finds out anyway and is furious he didn’t tell her. One witness wants the cops to question him/her in the hopes he/she can remember some of what happened the night of the murder. Kendall shoots down an idea of framing someone else for the murder just to save someone she loves. During their meeting, Caleb offers Scott a partnership against JR but Scott turns him down. Later, Scott calls Caleb and suggests they talk further regarding teaming up together. Annie questions JR’s motives for putting the spotlight on his rift with Scott. Asher gains access to Caleb’s computer and calls JR. Marissa shares her concerns with Krystal who suggests for AJ’s sake she work with JR not against him. Marissa tells JR she believes AJ learned his bad behavior from him.

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