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0 AMC Recap – Sept 6 – Sept 10th


The crowd goes wild when David collapses in front of Caleb and is pronounced dead.  Cause of death appears to be from violence, possibly murder, but Jake isn’t completely sure.  Acting as interim DA, Liza informs the mayor that if there was foul play in this death she will prosecute.  Caleb is personally affected watching someone in particular grieve.  Jake brings David’s body in for an autopsy. Annie calls JR and learns about the death and insists they head home from their honeymoon. Liza’s new job isn’t bringing her any redemption with the residents of PV.  Liza points out she’s just doing her job. Worried about Greenlee, Ryan urges her to go home and take care of herself.  Asher advises Colby not tell the police about the fight they witnessed.  Someone turns him/herself in to Natalia. JR wonders why Asher’s in a rush to leave when the cops show up and he comes up with a story which JR seems to buy. Madison goes to the police station and wants answers.  Colby admits what she saw to her mother, and then becomes upset when Liza says she must use it as evidence.  Curious as to why he’s afraid of the police, Asher admits to Colby he was in trouble a lot as a kid. Liza doesn’t accept the deal of the presumed murderer. Scott tells JR that his plans to get the company away from him will not succeed. Annie pays JR a visit and in an effort to protect Emma.  Jesse and Liza have proof Kendall stole Liza’s briefcase but are too late in retrieving the contents as Kendall has burned the evidence.  Kendall’s arrested.

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