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0 ATWT Recap – Nov 16-20th

Jake Silbermann, Van Hnsis

© JPI Studios

Jack goes to New York following a lead in Simon’s art theft.  He goes to a TV station and runs into Molly. She is working for a political candidate and. Molly gets livid and on her broadcast, tells everyone Whitman’s secret.  She gets fired.  Jack calls Carly to come to New York to help.  Carly, meanwhile, has been trailing Jack.  Craig catches up to her and thinks she’s been drinking, but she hasn’t.  She admits having opened a vodka bottle, but poured it out. .  Jack helps Molly clean out her office at the TV station.  They leave in her car, but Jack quickly realizes her breaks have been tampered with and they pull over.  Whitman confesses that he doesn’t want her to start the car, because he hired someone to tamper with her breaks.  Carly’s arrived on the scene and she and Molly share a warm greeting.  Carly, once again, unsuccessfully tries to convince Jack to return to Oakdale. Jack and Carly, well dressed, attend the benefit at the art gallery, poke around, and find a trace of one of Simon’s aliases, Bartley Symington.  Jack/Carly dance and someone cuts in – Simon.  Noah returns from ICU and his bandages are removed for the first time since his surgery.  He can’t see. When Lily tells him that she and Damian have decided to adopt him, to help him with his medical costs, a social worker and Luke finally convince Noah to let Luke, Lily and Damian care for him.  Damian’s stuff is being moved into Lily’s house. Holden stops by and tells Lily if Damian moves in he’ll move the kids out to the farm. Lily won’t back down, but Holden’s threat hurts and frustrates her. Holden tells Meg Damian’s moving in with Lily. Meg goes to Damian and threatens to tell Lily Damian’s secret. Damian whisks Meg to his hotel room and makes love with her in order to keep her quiet for now.   Katie, much to Margo’s skepticism, hires a psychic. Brad’s hopeful that perhaps the psychic will help him break through and show himself to Katie. The psychic soon reveals himself to be a fraud, and Brad kicks the chair out from under him in frustration. Terrified, the psychic leaves. Katie’s bewildered, and asks Brad, if he’s there, to give her a sign. Barbara discovers Emily and Paul might be giving a lot of money to Mick, and she yells at them for investing in such a clear scam. Mick sweet talks Barbara, noting that his work could help cells rejuvenate and help cancer patients. Mick insists he needs human trials before the FDA will approve his work and Barbara signs up so she can oversee Mick’s miracle claims for herself.

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