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0 ATWT Recap – Nov 9-13th

Michael Park, Mark Collier

© JPI Studios

Alison meets newcomer Mick Dante who is looking for investment for his research project regarding a product he found in South America.  Mick goes to Emily and Paul about his spiel. Emily talks Paul into throwing some money Mick’s way,   Carly tries to find Jack who has gone off on his road trip, and this time he goes to see Mike Kasnoff in South Carolina.  Jack is wondering about the whereabouts of Simon.   Katie is sad and worried she won’t be able to raise Jacob on her own.   A ‘ghostly’ Brad tries to connect with his family.  Katie wants to believe Brad is visiting Henry. Things blow up between Mason, Noah and Luke…literally!  The fireworks Noah was rigging for a scene in his film explode and he becomes blind.  Holden tells Lily he’s hired a lawyer and he’s petitioning for joint custody of the kids.  Lily takes offense, but Holden’s convinced that the kids will only learn hard work and family loyalty with him on the Snyder Farm, not jet setting around the world with Damian.  Lily goes to Damian, at the Lakeview and asks him to move back in with her.  Meg overhears them, having snuck into Damian’s hotel room.  Meg’s furious to hear that Damian still wants to be with Lily.

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