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0 B&B Recap – April 11 – April 15th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Donna tries to persuade Katie that Bill is not worth the heartache and that she should leave him for good. Hope is appalled when Tawny suggests that she and Amber put their past behind them and become friends. Ridge is less than surprised when Brooke tells him about Liam sleeping with Amber. With self-serving intentions, Steffy attempts to convince Bill to end his marriage to Katie and lays out for him the many reasons why.  Brooke knows about Steffy’s attraction to Bill and warns her to stay away from Katie’s husband. Steffy, in response, urges Brooke to back off of Thomas and the mixed signals she’s been giving him. Ridge is furious by the lack of respect he is given by his son when Thomas goes behind his back again and presents new designs for the women’s Taboo line. When Ridge reminds Thomas that the women’s line is canceled, Eric intervenes. Eric’s outspoken opinion leads to an exchange of heated words between he and Ridge and their tumultuous past with Brooke is rehashed.  Things become tense when Dayzee is introduced to one of her competitors for Thomas’ affection. Hope confronts Liam about how he could have slept with Amber and how it has affected their situation. After she tells him that she is moving on with Oliver and that he should move in with Amber, they share a final goodbye kiss. Affected by his earlier conversation with Eric, Ridge makes a bold gesture to Thomas by giving him 5% of Forrester Creations’ stock, making him a part owner of the company. With the intentions of getting Stephanie on his side, Thomas asks Steffy to support his fight against Ridge to launch a women’s Taboo line. Steffy confesses to Thomas that she is in love with Bill. Despite his own relationship woes, Liam gives Bill advice about how to win Katie back. With forceful coercion from her sisters, Katie admits to them the real reason why she left Bill.

As Bill pleads with Katie to come home, Brooke and Donna interject their opinion of wanting him to seek therapy for his anger issues. Steffy divulges her true feelings for Bill to Thomas and how she goes about pursuing him despite him being married. Using Storm’s death as an example of the violence in her past, Katie appeals to Bill about dealing with his own tendencies of aggression. Knowing that he has once again failed at an attempt to get Katie to come home to him, Steffy pays a visit to Bill and offers him a tantalizing proposition.


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