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0 B&B Recap – April 19 – April 23rd

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Katie confesses to Bill her fear regarding Beth’s deteriorating health.  After spending a romantic day with Bill, Katie gets an eerie feeling that something isn’t right.  The Logan family rallies together to assist Beth and to find out what Stephanie had to do with the accident.  When describing her last interaction with Beth, Stephanie makes an effort to convince the family that she had no malicious intentions.  Stephanie attempts to persuade everyone, including herself, that she isn’t accountable for Beth’s accident.  Donna wants to pursue legal action against Stephanie for what she has done.  When Donna senses that she doesn’t have Eric’s support on pressing charges against Stephanie, she walks out on him.  Eric assures Stephanie that he won’t let anything happen to her.  Word spreads throughout Forrester Creations about Beth’s accident.  After leaving Eric, Donna finds a friend in Bill and confesses to him about her relationship woes.  Katie reminisces about the good times she has had with her family.  Lt. Baker interviews Stephanie about Beth’s accident and clears her of all wrong-doing.  Bill offers to let Donna stay with them and provide any legal action against Eric and/or Stephanie.  With Donna out of the way, Stephanie offers to take care of Eric.  While drinking martinis, Eric and Stephanie flashback to their happier years together.  Donna goes back to Eric to reconcile, thinking that Stephanie moved out the night before.  When Donna finds out that Eric didn’t ask Stephanie to leave, she gives him an ultimatum: her or Stephanie. Owen and Jackie participate in another “Cabana Boy” photo shoot.  Jackie notices that Owen’s actions in this photo shoot differ from his attitude in previous shoots. Eric is dumbfounded that Donna turned to Bill for comfort.  Bill angrily comes to Donna’s defense.  Donna leaves Eric when he tells her that he can’t cut Stephanie out of his life.  Steffy overtly flirts with Oliver by making advances at him and reminding him of their kiss.  Oliver doesn’t react to Steffy’s advances they way that she had hoped.  Eric and Stephanie’s family rejoice in the idea that their parents may reunite.

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