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0 B&B Recap – April 25 – April 29th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Ridge scrambles frantically to find a way to help his wife and son.  Bill tells Justin about his failed couples’ therapy session with Katie and how he walked out on her.  Taylor and Steffy are distraught when they hear the latest news about Thomas and Brooke. Steffy reaches out to Bill in her time of need.  The Forrester family tries their best to shield RJ from learning a devastating truth. The current family crisis brings estranged couple, Bill and Katie, emotionally closer.  Ridge hires experts to help him on his mission.  The Logan family comes together to await word from Ridge on the status of his search.  Hope turns to Liam for comfort and attempts to pretend that their problems in the past never existed. Nick brings bad news to the Forrester and Logan families. Ridge and Taylor take off on their own to solve their current problem, which brings them much closer together than ever before.  Bill’s willingness to help her family intensifies Steffy’s growing affection for him.

Nick lends his expertise to his half-brother and hopes that he can help avoid a potential disaster.   Bill enlists Steffy in his attempts to get a handle on the situation.  Dayzee confides in Stephanie about her feelings for Thomas and her fear of retribution from the Logan family because of her failed relationship with Marcus.   Ridge and Nick set their years of hostility aside for the sake of Brooke. Stephen and Pam join the family to await news from Ridge.  Pam gives Donna martial advice about how to be a better wife to Justin. Taylor fears that she may be reliving the worst day of her life. Ridge, Nick and Bill shift their collaborative efforts into high gear.


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