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0 B&B Recap – April 26 – April 30th

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Aggie vows to herself and Oliver that she will not tell Nick about Bridget and Owen.  When Stephanie offers to move out, Eric goes to Donna to tell her that he will not allow Donna to walk out on their marriage and asks her to come home.  Bill gives Justin an incentive to help with his plan.  Bill has a list of demands legally drawn up for Donna in the event of her divorcing Eric.  Eric becomes concerned about his marriage when Pam shows him a photo on the Internet of him kissing Stephanie.   Bill gives Donna a list of demands to give to Eric when she goes to confront him about the incriminating photo.  Eric and Stephanie attempt to justify the photo of them kissing to Donna.  Despite Eric’ plea to allow him to redeem himself, Donna feels hopeless about her marriage.  At Nick’s request, he and Bridget tell Jackie and Owen that Bridget is pregnant. Bridget and Owen privately agree to take a paternity test.   Donna is torn by her conflicting emotions and tells Eric that she needs time to think about their relationship. On her way out, she leaves her list of demands for Eric to read, not knowing what the list contains. When Bill confesses to Katie that he encouraged Donna to leave Eric and to take half of Forrester Creations from him, she questions his motives.  Bill makes a promise to Donna and Katie that he will help them seek revenge against Eric and Stephanie.   Stephen asks Bill to do whatever he can to hurt Eric and attempts to get Donna on-board, as well.  Stephanie’s presence is not well-received when she tries to extend an olive branch to the Logan family.  While tempers are flared, Bill tells Stephanie about Donna’s settlement demands.  Steffy’s jealousy gets the best of her as she sees how happy Oliver and Hope are.  Once again, Pam’s behavior becomes erratic and off-kilter.  Whip invites Taylor to give Brooke and Ridge competition in regards to being “steam room champions.”  Owen accompanies Bridget to her doctor’s appointment to determine the paternity of her baby.  Jackie is surprised when she arrives at the hospital and finds Owen and Bridget together.  Bridget is put on the spot when Jackie learns the purpose of her doctor’s visit.

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