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0 B&B Recap – Aug 1 – Aug 5th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Amber realizes that she is beginning to have feelings for Marcus when he moves out of her apartment and when Dayzee shows up to spend the day with him.  Steffy voices to Bill her fear that one day he may leave her and reunite with Katie.  When Katie doesn’t believe the news that Bill and Steffy are having an affair, Taylor tells her that she caught them together in a compromising position.  Bill is caught off-guard by Katie’s reaction when he confirms Taylor’s accusations. Liam confronts Steffy about her quick-moving affair with Bill and how Katie may react from the news.  Steffy assures Liam that by the end of the day, Bill and Katie’s marriage will be over.  Katie has a physical reaction to Bill’s confirmation of his affair that lands her in the hospital.  A painfully emotional Bill feels overwhelming guilt for Katie’s grave condition as she asks him if he plans on leaving her for Steffy.

As Katie waits for an answer from Bill on what the fate of their marriage is, her condition worsens.  Brooke and Donna are stunned when Bill tells them the details of how Katie ended up in the hospital.  Steffy gushes to Oliver about her steamy romance with Bill and how they plan to build a life together.  Bill has a revelation about his decision regarding the two women he is torn between as he sits by Katie’s hospital bed and watches her cling onto life.  Katie’s doctors deliver good news to her about her condition as Bill delivers his own good news to her.  After Bill assures Brooke and Donna that he plans on making his wrong a right, he goes to end his relationship with Steffy.  When Bill arrives at Steffy’s apartment, she is devastated when he tells her about Katie’s condition and how he plans to remain in his marriage.

Ridge is furious when Taylor tells him about walking in on Steffy and Bill in the middle of a passionate moment.  Brooke becomes just as upset when she learns that Taylor knew about Steffy and Bill’s involvement. Hope and Liam are shocked and confused when they return to Katie’s room to find her bed empty.  Katie pays a visit to Steffy’s apartment to confront her about her affair with Bill.  Tensions rise between to two women as they emotionally discuss who truly holds the key to Bill’s heart.


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