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0 B&B Recap – Aug 2 – Aug 6th

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Brooke suspects that Stephanie is pretending to be unconscious from her fall. Stephanie regains consciousness and calls 911 to tell them that she’s been attacked by Brooke. While in the hospital, Stephanie lists out the many reasons why Ridge should leave Brooke. Ridge sets his mother straight once and for all on the topic of his wife. When Bridget asks Nick again if he’ll take her back, he makes his intentions about a possible future with her very clear. Bridget is heartbroken when she witnesses a tender moment between Nick and Aggie.  Nick and Aggie confirm to Bridget that they have become intimate and are in the early stages of a relationship. Liam and Ed are inconclusive with their findings and are not able to help Steffy clear her name in regards to the video of Brooke and Oliver. Steffy uses her charm to get Liam to further investigate and become her ally in her pursuit to find out who is responsible. Bridget, Owen and Jackie share a moving, yet unconventional, moment.  As Hope is moving into the Forrester guesthouse, she visited by Brooke, who begs her to move back home. Steffy blames Brooke for the scandal and tries to get Oliver to jump on her bandwagon. Oliver sees a more sensitive and softer side of Steffy when she encourages him to visit Hope at the guesthouse. Even though Oliver pleads with Hope to forgive him, she is unable to get the images of him and Brooke being together out of her mind. Taylor gives Brooke her professional advice about how to deal with Hope.  Brooke is chastised by Stephanie and Taylor about her “brand of destruction” which she uses to have her way with men. Oliver suggests that he and Hope leave town for a while to get away from the scandal that is surrounding them. Hope finds a box of masks and costumes from her party and asks Oliver to meet her at the main house later. Despite Ridge comforting her, Brooke fears that her relationship with Hope is ruined forever.  To help her better understand what happened on the night of her graduation party, Hope asks Oliver to don a mask and reenact the events which took place between him and Brooke. Stephanie and Taylor fear that Brooke may have done irreparable damage to Hope. Meanwhile, Brooke fears that Stephanie will brainwash Hope into ostracizing Brooke from her life forever. Taylor observes Hope’s actions and calls Brooke with a concern that her daughter may be having a psychological breakdown.

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