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1 B&B Recap – Aug 22 – Aug 26th


As everyone watches Liam proposing to Hope, he becomes increasingly worried that she may publicly reject him. Hope shocks everyone when she runs out of the room without giving Liam her answer. Steffy, who was heartbroken by the proposal, feels that she may still have a chance with Liam after seeing Hope’s reaction. Eric and Dayzee are surprisingly impressed by the way Marcus takes control of the media following the botched proposal during the fashion show.  After being missing for hours, Hope returns home and delivers surprising news to Brooke. Feeling that the time has come for her and Liam to become intimate, Hope receives advice from Brooke about how to have a successful experience. Ridge confronts Liam about his sudden need to get married to Hope. He then confides in Liam about Steffy confessing feelings for him after he had saved her life. Amber asks Dayzee to step aside so that she and Marcus can build a family with their daughter.

Oliver and Steffy commiserate about how the people that they have feelings for are with others. Steffy expresses her frustration that Hope always seems to get everything that Steffy badly yearns for. Brooke attempts to convince Ridge that Hope is comfortable and ready to be intimate with Liam. Liam and Hope arrange for a romantic evening where they plan to make love for the first time.

As a means to find out what is going on between Liam and Hope, Steffy arrives at Brooke’s house bearing gifts. Steffy makes verbal jabs towards Brooke and points blame at the cause of why she and Hope aren’t friends. Liam and Hope’s romantic evening doesn’t quite turn out as they had planned. He learns the hard way about how affected Hope is by her mother’s sexually liberal lifestyle.  Taylor tells Ridge her concern about Steffy having feelings for Liam that are much deeper than gratitude for saving her live. Steffy tries to talk Liam into getting out of his sexless relationship and be with someone who will satisfy his needs. Meanwhile, Oliver watches Steffy and Liam’s exchange and wonders if Liam being there alone is a sign that he and Hope are having problems in their relationship. Hope blames Brooke for the latest trouble that she is having in her relationship with Liam.


  1. Christine says:

    I’m not sure where to ask this and hoping someone will respond.

    I watched B&B off and on over the years. Most recently was when Don Diamont came aboard and Steffy just had to have him. At the time Hope was with Oliver, but Steffy had to have him. Then Hope is with Liam and then Steffy has to have him. I am wondering, is this all there is? Does anything else go on anymore? I added it to my Tivo but after half a week I am already bored. I am in my late 30s and wonder if this show is for the younger ones (teens and 20s). Cinematography is gorgeous. Living in Los Angeles I like the remotes they do to Venice Beach and things like that (I missed the Italy episodes :-( ). But story wise it is not the same as Y&R and GH for which I am accustomed.

    If anyone has any insight or opinions, I would LOVE to hear from you.


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