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0 B&B Recap – Aug 23 – Aug 27th

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Oliver joyfully informs Brooke that he and Hope have reconciled.  After eavesdropping on their conversation, Hope informs her mother that even though she has forgiven Oliver, she still needs more time to forgive Brooke.  Oliver asks Hope to wear her necklace again. When Thomas learns that Steffy is now part owner of Forrester Creations, Ridge assures his resentful son that he will one day be an owner, too, and is promoted to Vice President. Bill fires Liam after informing him that the company is being sued due to the video tampering.  Nick and Brooke run into each other at Il Giardino, where they give each other encouraging words about their respective difficult situations.  Steffy calls an emergency meeting where she proposes forcing Brooke out of the company.  Brooke arrives at the meeting and vows that she will never be forced to leave.  Thomas confronts Taylor about how hurt he feels that she gave Steffy the Forrester Creations stocks and warns her about what his sister may do with them.  Steffy, Stephanie, and Brooke put Ridge in a difficult predicament by forcing him to make a decision.  Following an overheard conversation, Jackie gives Nick advice about his relationship and possible future with Aggie.  Stephanie advises Ridge to treat Brooke the way he treated Steffy for disgracing the company by firing her.  When Ridge refuses, Steffy promises to not back down in her pursuit to get rid of Brooke.  Granting Ridge’s request for her to have a heart-to-heart talk with Steffy about their situation, Brooke makes a plea for them to work together in harmony.  Stephanie cautions Ridge that someday soon he will have to choose between Brooke and Steffy. When Brooke asks Steffy what she can do to get back into her good graces, she is told that she can take a leave of absence from Forrester Creations.  Bitter from being fired by Bill, Liam offers Ridge assistance with the lawsuit against Spencer Publications.  Liam hints to Ridge that he is interested in Hope and asks for permission to date her.  Ridge warns Liam that he doesn’t want him anywhere near his family.  Steffy recruits Marcus to help her to get rid of Brooke by showing Ridge an additional reason to fire her. Katie is caught off-guard when Bill shares with her an unknown chapter of his life and his stance on a sensitive subject.  As Liam forges a closer friendship with Hope, he increasingly regrets allowing Bill and Justin to use him to bring down Forrester Creations.  Brooke and Ridge remain resistant to Steffy’s demands and are shocked when Thomas arrives and chooses a side.  Thorne makes a startling revelation about someone from his past.

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