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0 B&B Recap – Aug 9 – Aug 13th

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Brooke and Oliver beg Hope to forgive them, but she doesn’t think that her relationship with either of them can move past the pain she has endured. Hope declares that she is going to build a new life at Forrester Creations and will persevere through the hardship of the scandal.  Stephanie steps in as a mother figure to help Hope after her emotional encounter with Brooke and Oliver.  An argument between Brooke and Stephanie turns violent as they clash over where Hope belongs.  Bridget and Owen feel their baby kick for the first time. Taylor officially signs her shares of Forrester Creations over to Steffy and subsequently shocks everyone at the owners meeting when she announces that what she has done.  Despite her becoming an owner, Ridge stands by his decision of Steffy no longer working for the company, especially after her disparaging words about Brooke.  Bill offers Donna a sizable amount of money for her shares of Forrester Creations.  With the help of Katie and Stephen’s persuasive words, Donna signs them over.  Bill soon learns about Steffy’s shares and plans to use this information to his advantage.  Ridge overhears Stephanie speaking poorly of Brooke to Hope and immediately puts a stop to it.  Though unsuccessful, Ridge makes an attempt at trying to convince Hope to forgive Brooke.  Stephanie warns Ridge that Steffy may turn on him and end up joining forces with the wrong people.  Bill approaches Steffy about teaming up with him in exchange for him helping her get her job back at Forrester Creations.  Brooke has mixed feelings when she learns that Donna has signed over her shares of Forrester Creations to Bill.  Steffy becomes resentful that Ridge always chooses Brooke over her.  Liam feels guilty about the situation that Hope is in, especially when she blames Steffy for sabotaging the tribute video.  Steffy refuses Ridge’s attempt at reconciling with her knowing that she still isn’t welcomed back at Forrester Creations.  Bill calls Steffy for a meeting and plays on her vulnerability in regards to the way Ridge is treating her.  Stephanie interrogates Liam about tampering with Steffy’s computer and becomes suspicious when she notices his Spencer Publications name tag.   Hope is touched by the video Oliver made for her to convince her to take him back.  Taylor reprimands Ridge for not believing that Steffy is innocent of tampering with the tribute video.  Stephanie threatens Liam’s life, which gets him to admit that he was somewhat involved with the tampering of the tribute video.  When Bill offers to help Steffy build her own dynasty, she realizes that he’s trying to get her to sell him her shares of Forrester Creations.  When Steffy turns Bill down, he informs her that he holds information that can help her clear her name.

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