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0 B&B Recap – Dec 19 – Dec 23rd



Ridge uses a process of elimination to attempt to pinpoint who stole the Forrester Creations designs. Eric worries about the future of the company and its reputation after having to cancel the debut of the new collection. When Donna learns about Nick’s part in the stolen designs, he attempts to justify his actions to her without admitting guilt. Stephanie reaches out to Beverly with an apology and an offer for her to return to her internship. ­ Stephanie is still affected by her run-in with Beverly and by the stories that she heard while at Pathways. Pam surprises Nick and Jackie by decorating the Marone mansion for the holidays in a very Pam-like fashion. Donna and Katie commiserate about their respective relationship issues. Katie tries to convince Donna into forgiving Nick and giving him a second chance. Taking Katie’s advice, Donna pays a visit to Nick where they kiss and make up; much to the dismay of Pam. ­Hope has déjà-vu of her recent horrible Thanksgiving experience when Steffy gloats about how she and Liam will be attending the Forrester Christmas celebration. Marcus gives Thomas an idea about how he can sweep Hope off of her feet. Jackie warns Nick about how his involvement with Donna could ruin their arrangement with Pam. Pam dons a disguise to play a prank on Donna. ­Because of an earlier conversation with Liam, Rick urges Hope to continue her pursuit of him and to make her move soon. The Spencer family celebrates Christmas despite the ongoing tension between Katie and Steffy.

­The Forrester and Logan clans put their differences aside for one day and come together to celebrate Christmas. Still holding resentment towards Stephanie, Pam opts out of attending the festivities and preparing the meal, leaving the not-so-domestic Logan sisters in charge of cooking their first Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, Hope and Thomas grow closer together as they take in the sights and sounds that Los Angeles has to offer during the holidays,


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