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0 B&B Recap- Dec 21-25th

Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Brooke and Donna are conflicted about being a part of Ridge and Eric’s plan to deceive Bill and Katie in their quest to get Forrester Creations back.  Eric makes a promise to Bill and Katie about the pending outcome of his return.  Sandy begins her first day of work at Jackie M. in an extremely stressful position.  Nick invites the Jackie M. employees to a Christmas party, but not all are eager to attend.  Steffy creates a new campaign for Eric and Ridge’s new collection entitled “Dare”.  Eric receives a warm welcome back from the employees of Forrester Creations.  Brooke and Donna make a decision to not invite Bill to the family’s Christmas festivities, despite him being their brother-in-law.  This decision does not go over well with Katie as she must decide whether to spend the holidays with her husband or her family.  Rick and Steffy present the new “Dare” line to an unimpressed Bill. Katie tells Bill exactly what she wants for Christmas.  Sandy is not in the holiday spirit this year, but her friends and family attempt to change that with some nudging and a serenade.  Eric shares with his goal for the New Year with Brooke and Ridge.  He then receives confirmation that his plan is on track. Nick and Jackie invite the entire Jackie M. Company, and their families, to a Christmas party.  Jackie and Owen, Nick and Bridget, and Ridge and Brooke all celebrate their first Christmas Eve as husband and wife. Bridget gives special thanks to Sandy, and the miracle gift that she is giving her.  Stephanie reflects upon her Christmas’ past, including her dear friend Sally Spectra, and comes to realize that there is no place that she’d rather be, than where she is in Christmas present; with her new family at Jackie M.

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