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0 B&B Recap – Dec 28- Jan 1st


Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Katie gets the uneasy feeling that Brooke and Donna have something to do with the quality of Eric’s new designs. Katie later confronts her sisters asking them what they think about the collection and further, if a mutiny is in the works.  Stephanie becomes suspicious about Sandy and Whip’s interactions.  Nick’s suggestion for Sandy go to a rape treatment center isn’t well-received.  Sandy is touched when Nick calls Lt. Baker and asks him to take a look at her case.  Nick accompanies Sandy to the police station to meet with Lt. Baker about reopening her case.  Frustrated from getting the run-around, Sandy demands that Lt. Baker give her answers now.  When Katie insists to see Eric and Ridge’s new collection before it debuts, Brooke and Donna try to persuade her to change her mind.  Later, Eric and Ridge try to convince Bill not to have the preview, but Bill puts his foot down and demands to see the line. In order to proceed with their plan to take over Forrester Creations, the group at Forrester Creations prepares to sell the new “Dare” line to Bill.  Eric thinks that the only way that they can save the line is if Brooke and Donna model the dresses.  After seeing the new line, Bill makes his decision about whether to continue with it or not.  Lt. Baker agrees to get resolution for Sandy. Later, Sandy is given disturbing news about her case.

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