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0 B&B Recap – Feb 1 – Feb 5th

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With Nick by her side, Sandy awaits confirmation of the identity of her attacker.  Steffy issues Katie a stern warning about her alleged attempt to oust her from Forrester Creations. Feeling guilty because of what transpired with Hope, Brooke begins to worry when she is unable to contact her daughter.  Hope arrives at Graham’s apartment to find a party and quickly becomes the center of attention.  Rick fills Katie and Steffy in on Graham’s reputation with women in Europe.  Whip remains quiet when Bridget vents to him about her thoughts and feelings regarding Sandy.  After five long years, Sandy finally learns the identity of her attacker.  Needing to be vindicated, she rushed off to confront him, with Nick and the police in tow.  Sensing that something is terribly wrong with her daughter, Brooke frantically searches for Hope.  Hope is rescued from Graham’s party just as the situation becomes dangerous. Brooke and Ridge rush to Hope’s side when she is brought to the hospital after her dangerous encounter.  Bridget becomes suspicious when she is unable to contact neither Nick nor Sandy.  Sandy gets her opportunity to unleash her pent-up anger on her attacker.  Because of the physical and emotional distress from the recent events, Sandy’s pregnancy is put in jeopardy.   Bridget demands answers from Nick and Sandy.  Nick confesses to Bridget about everything that has been going on with Sandy and what his involvement has been.  After processing this information, Bridget begins to question Nick’s commitment to their marriage.  Brooke and Ridge desperately apologize to Hope for the conversation that she had overheard. Hope then receives a visit from Steffy, who also has an apology to give.  Hope is touched by the sentiment and promise given to her by Ridge.  Nick attempts to smooth things over with a deeply hurt Bridget. Still extremely angry, Bridget confronts Sandy about the secrets that she has been keeping about her past, as well as her involvement with Nick.  Brooke feels partially responsible when Nick confides in her about Bridget being upset after learning about Sandy’s past.  Sandy is taken aback when Bridget makes a shocking demand.

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