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0 B&B Recap – Feb 15- Feb 19th

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Bill and Steffy’s intimate encounter is interrupted by Katie’s unexpected arrival home.  While Bill tends to Katie, Steffy sneaks out the back door, but not without a taking souvenir of her evening.  Steffy is sure that she now has the upper hand needed to regain Forrester Creations for her family. Tensions rise as Bridget mandates the way Aggie takes care of herself while she is still employed as her and Nick’s surrogate Eric shares his most treasured memories of Forrester Creations with Steffy, she assures him that he will soon have his company back.  Katie attempts to put her foot down and assert her power when everyone at Forrester Creations grows impatient with the way that she is running the company.  Steffy goes to Bill with the list of her demands in exchange for her silence about their evening together. Katie shares with her sister her latest advertising campaign idea, “Goddess”, as well as her plan to fire Steffy.  Neither party is willing to back down when Bill and Steffy go head-to-head over her attempt to blackmail him.  Later, Steffy digs her claws even deeper into Bill after being fired by Katie.  During a visit with Ridge, Taylor shares her joy over her budding relationship with Whip. The Logan Sisters star as “Goddesses” in Forrester Creations newest advertising campaign photo shoot.  Stephanie and Taylor interrupt the photo shoot and unleash their true feelings regarding the new campaign.  Steffy puts Bill on the spot about making a decision on whether he will adhere to her demands.  Bill presents Steffy with a tempting alternative offer. Ridge is blindsided by the new “Goddess” campaign photo shoot because no design concepts have been created.  Steffy calls a secret meeting with certain family members to inform them of the exciting news regarding Forrester Creations.  Meanwhile, Bill breaks the news to Katie and her sisters about their new positions within the company.  A suspicious Katie questions the reason behind Bill’s spontaneous business decision.

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