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0 B&B Recap – Feb 20 – Feb 24th


Hope realizes that Rick’s plan to get Steffy to sign the annulment papers didn’t work and that they were duped.  Delighted with herself, Steffy brags to Stephanie about how she outsmarted her opponents.  Despite Rick’s attempted manipulation, he and Steffy cannot deny the chemistry that they both felt when they kissed.  Stephanie strongly urges Brooke to tell Rick to leave Steffy alone.

Tired of Liam constantly defending Steffy, Hope accuses him of having lingering feelings for his soon-to-be ex-wife.  Steffy calls Rick’s bluff about him having feelings for her and dares him to take her out on a date.  As Stephanie and Brooke rehash their past, they realize that history is repeating itself with Hope, Steffy, and Liam, but with Brooke in Stephanie’s role as the meddling mother.

Bill makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep Katie happy by going on a double date with Brooke and Ridge.  Liam confronts Rick about his ulterior motives with Steffy and warns him to not hurt her.  Steffy gloats to Hope about the evidence that Liam still has feelings for her because of his concern about Rick’s intentions.  Tensions rise between Hope and Liam as she defends Rick and he defends Steffy.

Hope wavers back and forth with her feelings about whether or not to take her relationship with Liam to the next level.  While on their double date, Ridge and Bill find themselves at odds over the Liam, Hope, and Steffy’s love triangle.  Bill’s private sexy fantasy validates a point made by Katie and Ridge. Liam is stunned by the advice given to him by Bill about how to temporarily love his biggest problem.

Liam sets Bill straight about his relationship with Hope and their future together.  When Bill implores his son to wear the Spencer sword necklace again, Liam isn’t sure that he is ready yet.  Brooke gives Hope advice about what she should do to save her relationship with Liam.   Despite the palpable chemistry between them, Steffy resists Rick’s charm because of her residual love for Liam.



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