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0 B&B Recap – Feb 21 – Feb 25th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Bill is overwhelmed with emotions at Liam’s serious condition and vows to protect him from Amber.  Bill demands that Amber be arrested and thrown in jail for attempted murder.  Amber visits an unconscious Liam and makes a heartfelt confession that Hope walks in on.  Hope and Amber exchange verbal jabs as they discuss who will end up having a future with Liam.  Bill fantasizes about Amber being out of his family’s life for good. Steffy is exceedingly blunt and politically incorrect when she vocally opposes Stephanie’s new attitude.  Thomas surprises Dayzee with a romantic dinner date.  Dayzee is still unsure if she can trust Thomas, but she is especially intrigued.  Brooke and Ridge are curious about who Thomas is on a secret date with.  In the midst of flying sparks, Brooke witnesses a tender kiss between Thomas and Dayzee. Amber turns to Stephanie for advice and assistance about her present financial situation. As he learns more about the accident, Bill becomes more convinced that Amber intentionally tried to kill Liam. Thomas and Dayzee discuss the current state of their budding relationship.

During Steffy’s first visit to Bill since her return to Los Angeles, he makes a startling confession. Bill calls Amber for a private meeting at his and Katie’s new Malibu home. Hope is greeted with a surprise during a visit to Liam’s hospital room.  Nick encourages Oliver to use Liam’s current physical condition and Amber being pregnant to his advantage and pursue Hope again.  During their meeting, Bill becomes enraged as he chides Amber for ruining Liam’s life.  Fearing for her life, Amber attempts to escape but stops when Bill makes her a surprising offer. Amber is excited that her scheme is working so far and that she will have access to the Spencer fortune.  Brooke and Steffy go head-to-head over the direction that the company has taken in the past few months. Steffy uses this opportunity to tell Brooke how she truly feels about the “Taboo” line and her involvement with Thomas. Still recovering from his injuries, Liam has another health scare that further fuels Bill’s current rage towards Amber.


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