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0 B&B Recap – Feb 22- Feb 26th

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Stephanie gloats over the Logan sisters being ousted from Forrester Creations as Donna and Brooke learn about Steffy being responsible for the sale of the company.  Bill attempts to call off the sale of the company with Steffy when he learns that she duped him to believe the company was solely for Eric and Ridge.  A suspicious Katie questions Bill about the reason he sold the company to Steffy.  While going head-to-head over the company and Ridge, Brooke makes Taylor a generous offer.  Ridge makes an explosive gesture as Bill leaves the Forrester Creations Building for the last time. Stephanie confronts Steffy about how she was able to regain Forrester Creations from Bill.  Ridge blasts Brooke about her attitude towards Steffy when he begins to sense that she is keeping a secret in regards to his daughter.  Eric and Donna find themselves in awkward situation when Eric returns to his office at Forrester Creations.   During a private celebration, Eric makes a heartfelt confession and a desperate plea to Stephanie.  Taylor turns to Whip for assistance in making a crucial decision. Eric’s proposition to Stephanie leaves her wondering if there is more to his offer than just business.  When Stephanie breaks the news about Forrester Creations to her Jackie M family, Nick bestows upon her a gracious favor.  Brooke goes out of her way to convince Taylor to make a decision about her future with Forrester Creations. Steffy doesn’t mince words with Ridge when she confesses her feelings towards Brooke and her family. Bridget is still feeling resentful towards Aggie and treats her as such.  Later, Nick invites Aggie over for dinner with the intent for her and Bridget to smooth things over between them.  Brooke confronts Steffy about the true reason why she wanted to get Forrester Creations back for her family.  After Brooke and Stephanie both plea to Taylor about what they feel her future with the company should be, Taylor makes a decision. Bridget is less then thrilled when she is blindsided by Aggie arriving for dinner.  A confrontation ensues.  The Logan vs. Forrester feud spills over to the younger generation as Hope and Steffy defend Brooke and Taylor’s honor.  Taylor makes an inappropriate comment, followed by a stern promise, which sends Brooke into a fury.  Determined to get her way, Brooke refuses to give up without a fight.

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