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0 B&B Recap – Feb 28 – March 4th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

As Amber tours her new home, she is unaware of the danger that she has put herself into. Marcus returns to town from Paris and learns that Thomas has been spending time with Dayzee.  He makes it clear to Thomas that Dayzee is not available.  Bill’s heinous attempt to rid his family of their biggest problem is thwarted by an unsuspecting bystander. When Steffy confronts Amber about her ulterior motives regarding Liam, Amber turns the tables on her.  Katie learns about what Bill did with their new home.  Marcus warns Dayzee that Thomas is interested in her and is competing for her attention.  Dayzee is unimpressed by Marcus’ offer for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Ridge attempts to give Thomas advice on how to win Dayzee’s affection.  As she is updating her mother on her personal life, Steffy makes a bold confession to Taylor about the true reason that she returned to Los Angeles. Thomas surprises Dayzee with a trip to San Francisco for a charity ball with the intention of wooing her.  Liam makes a suggestion to Bill that they go public about Amber’s pregnancy.  Meanwhile, Bill fantasizes about a life without Amber in it.  Still not convinced about the paternity of Amber’s baby, Marcus interrogates her about other possible candidates. While recollecting all that Amber has done to his family, Bill begins to seriously consider a strategy of how to permanently free her from their lives.

Amber experiences a horrifying first night alone in her new home.  Brooke bluntly asks Steffy if she has any residual feelings for Bill. Because of the situation with Amber and her baby, Hope and Liam decide to go their separate ways and share an emotional goodbye.  Steffy finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time… but just in time to help Amber out of a perilous situation.  Brooke and Ridge support Hope in her decision to end her relationship with Liam.  When she stumbles across a flustered Bill, Donna becomes suspicious of his disturbing behavior and persistence of getting rid of her. Steffy pays a visit to Bill to discuss what she witnessed between him and Amber.


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