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0 B&B Recap – Feb 7 – Feb 11th

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The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates its 6000th episode.  Stephanie invites several actual lung cancer patients to her home to meet with Nick in an attempt to convince him that he needs to quit smoking. Lung cancer survivor and Emmy winner, Kathryn Joosten, guest stars and tells her story about her fight with the dreaded disease.  Even after hearing the emotional stories from the lung cancer survivors, Nick is still having a difficult time fighting his cravings for a cigar.  Aggie finds out about the spot on Nick’s lung and gets after him about quitting smoking.  Brooke meets with Bill about her concern for Hope and Liam’s relationship and how they should deal with Amber.  Liam is still holding out hope that Amber is lying about her pregnancy and that everything will work itself out.  Hope confronts Amber and demands that she prove that she is pregnant.

Despite their rivalry, Amber tries to assure Hope that the baby doesn’t have to be the end of her relationship with Liam.  Liam reluctantly confesses to Bill about Amber’s claim that she is carrying his child.  Stephanie questions Thomas about his love life and then asks him for a favor.  After hearing from Hope about Amber’s pregnancy, Brooke confronts Amber about her scheme of claiming that Liam is her baby’s father.  Bill arrives and demands that Amber take a paternity test. Amber refuses to take a paternity test in fear of the harm it may cause to her baby.   Tawny shows up just in time and assures everyone that the test will prove that Liam is the child’s father.  On their way to the hospital, Tawny and Carl have a series of comical events that put them in a race against the clock to change the results of the test before the true results are revealed.  Thomas finds himself suddenly attracted to Dayzee and begins to flirt with her.  Thomas and Dayzee have a straightforward conversation with each other that hints towards a mutual attraction. Carl arrives at the lab and encounters obstacles that make it difficult for him to accurately make the changes to the paternity test. Liam is concerned about what all of the stress from their situation is doing to Hope, but is confident that he is not the father of Amber’s child. Everyone is on pins and needles as they await the results of Amber’s test.


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