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0 B&B Recap – Feb 8 – Feb 12th

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Bridget is taken aback when Nick refuses to answer her question about his feelings for Sandy.  While being confronted about her intentions towards Nick, Sandy turns the tables back onto Brooke. Everything that Bridget thought that she knew about Sandy begins to crumble when Brooke fills her in on all that she knows.  Nick is horrified when he learns all that Brooke has revealed to Bridget.  After digesting the information she has been given, Bridget questions Sandy about her feelings for Nick and issues her a stern warning. Touched by the surprise party thrown in her favor by the employees at Jackie M, Sandy decides to tell everyone about her past. During the party, Bridget spitefully reveals Sandy’s true identity and insists that she now be referred to as Agnes.  When Nick asks Agnes her true feelings towards him, she answers honestly.  In preparation for their date, Whip gives Taylor the reassurance that she’s been longing to hear. Seeing how difficult it is for Ridge to go on working for Bill and Katie, Steffy vows to find a way to put a stop to her father’s pain.  Steffy’s plan involves a lunchtime visit to Bill and an eye full of a seemingly compromising position for Donna.  Agnes assures Nick that he has nothing to worry about as far as her feelings are concerned; she will never cross the line in regards to his marriage.  Whip makes a promise to Taylor that he will help her get over Ridge.  Katie learns about Bill’s afternoon with Steffy and sets out to confront him. Taylor and Whip learn that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought.  Brooke begins to worry about Hope being thrust into the spotlight at Forrester Creations. Bill and Katie argue about Steffy and her potential threat to their marriage.  When Bill makes a confession regarding Steffy, Katie becomes enraged and storms out.  Having witnessed the entire argument, Steffy uses it to her advantage. Katie is devastated by what is happening to her marriage to Bill because of Steffy.  Despite Taylor’s caution with their budding relationship, Whip makes a bold declaration.  Brooke keeps quiet to Ridge about Steffy’s part in the troubles that Bill and Katie have been having. Steffy is blunt with her words, and her actions, in regards to her feelings towards Katie and Bill’s marriage.

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