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0 B&B Recap – Jan 17 – Jan 21st

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Nick questions Ridge about his true feelings towards Brooke and Thomas’ portrayed image in the Taboo campaign. Nick points out the similarities between Ridge’s past and Thomas’ current situation.  Brooke confronts Thomas about his unacceptable behavior and asks if he is developing feelings for her.  Bill and Katie ponder how far Thomas and Brooke will go in front of, and behind, the camera.  Tawny gives a lesson in finances as she continues her attempt to persuade Amber into going along with her plan.  Nick receives starling information about his health.  Brooke is trying to forget, and keep from Ridge, what Thomas had done on the way back from Paris.  Thomas becomes extremely uncomfortable when Taylor grills him about his trip and offers her theory about his and Brooke’s relationship.  When learning about Nick’s prognosis, Stephanie offers her support and encouragement to adhere to his doctor’s orders. Thomas has a difficult time shaking off what transpired between him and Brooke on their trip home. 

Stephanie gets after Nick about his current lifestyle and presents him many reasons why he should change his ways. Nick pleads with Stephanie to keep his health condition confidential, especially from Jackie.  Madison confides in Thomas about her frustrations with the non-progressing state of their budding relationship.  Donna confesses to Katie about her loneliness and who she feels is “the one who got away”.  Katie has an idea about how to reunite Donna with her true love.  Marcus and Dayzee’s relationship reaches a new level when he takes her home to meet Justin and Donna.  Bill and Justin reminisce on the good times they have spent together and how much has changed for both of them in the past couple of years. Stephanie learns more about Nick’s prognosis from Dr. Lewis and uses her own recent health condition to plan how to help him. 

Trying to keep his mind off of his medical test results, Nick plans a camping trip with Jack.  Nick deflects Aggie’s questions after she finds his doctor’s business card. Stephanie scolds Nick about quickly reverting back to his old ways after receiving his test results. Nick insists that Stephanie stay out of his personal life and keep her thoughts to herself. Nick soon realizes how his careless actions are affecting Jack.  Donna’s thoughtful birthday present to Justin leaves him affected and with a lot of questions. When Marcus confesses his recent casual relationships, Dayzee informs him of her intentions towards him.


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