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0 B&B Recap – Jan 18 -Jan 22nd

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Katie’s motives for choosing Hope’s ad campaign over Steffy’s are questioned by all involved.  Brooke misinterprets the reason for Ridge’s furious outburst and fears that their marriage is in jeopardy.  Nick and Whip assist Sandy in putting the pieces together of the night that she was raped.  Forrester Creations’ new photographer is revealed to have former ties in Los Angeles.  Taylor comforts Ridge when he is put in a difficult position.  Hope participates in her first photo shoot for her proposed ad campaign. Katie proclaims Hope and her campaign to be the future of Forrester Creations.  Steffy turns to her family after her ad campaign was denied by Katie.  She claims that she is the victim of a conspiracy created by the Logan sisters.  Taylor fills Stephanie in on all of the drama that is going on at Forrester Creations.  The state of affairs within the company begins to drive a wedge between Brooke and Ridge.  Stephanie has a stern warning for Brooke about her marriage to Ridge. Stephanie makes a tempting offer to Ridge when he comes to her for advice.  Bill makes a confession to Justin about his rendezvous with Steffy.  Refusing to be pushed out of Forrester Creations because of her interactions with Bill, Steffy angrily confronts Katie.  Bill is forced to choose sides between Katie and Steffy.  Brooke becomes worried when Ridge’s rage overtakes him.  Sandy’s brother, Oliver, comes to town and learns about all that she has been up to since their last encounter. Whip returns to Taylor for another doctor/patient session, but this time the roles are reversed.  Steffy and Katie argue their cases to Bill in regards to their campaign lines, each hoping that he’ll choose their side.  Steffy later makes a private plea to Bill.  Brooke is put on the spot when Ridge asks about the reason behind Katie’s dislike for Steffy.  Ridge and Brooke refuse to allow another one of their children to come between them. Frustrated by all of the turmoil that Brooke’s sisters have caused at Forrester Creations, Ridge refuses to break bread with them in his own home.  During a business meeting at Insomnia Café, Hope sets her sights on the new DJ.  The interest appears to be mutual.  Stephanie wonders if Taylor’s feelings are torn between her burgeoning relationship with Whip and her long history with Ridge.

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