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1 B&B Recap – Jan 2 – Jan 6th


While Steffy is watching her machinations in the works, Bill helps her out behind the scenes to ensure that she doesn’t get caught by Liam.  When Steffy’s scheme fails, she resorts to a much more malicious back-up plan.  Liam finds himself in an awkward situation with the local Not realizing that Steffy is the reason why, Thomas begins to make headway with Hope. Liam stumbles upon Steffy who is basking in her seemingly-successful latest scheme to keep him from learning that Hope is at the resort.  Meanwhile, Thomas notices that Liam has spotted Hope and tries to distract her from seeing him, too. Ridge feels torn when he learns about the events that are taking place in Cabo San Lucas with his children.  Bill becomes furious when he finds out that all the plotting that he and Steffy have been doing has not worked.

Steffy carelessly puts herself in danger in order to prevent Liam and Hope from reuniting. When Katie learns of Bill’s meddling in the events going on in Mexico, she makes an interesting accusation about his intentions.  Brooke has an awfully uneasy feeling that something bad has happened to one of her children in Cabo San Lucas.  Liam learns the hard way that his feelings for Steffy are greater than he thought.  After hearing about what happened on the beach, Bill, Taylor and Ridge rush down to Cabo San Lucas to assess the situation.  Liam feels a sense of guilt and takes full responsibility for Steffy’s unfortunate accident.  Brooke and Katie come up with a plan to prevent the news about Steffy to reach the American media.  Bill makes a heartfelt confession to Steffy about his true feelings for her.  Refusing to allow anyone to dictate his life for him anymore, Liam tells Bill that he has made a decision about which woman he wants to be with.  Thomas pressures Liam to make Steffy his priority and give up any thoughts of reuniting with Hope.  Unbeknownst to anyone else, Bill takes drastic steps to ensure that Liam will choose to be with Steffy over Hope.


  1. jANET mUNSON says:

    I am getting tired of waiting for Steffy to get what is comeing to her, Liam should be happy with Hope and let Steffy be left with no one except maybe Bill as he is a vial as she is. I think Katie could also do a lot better, this is dragging on way to long, Bill needs to let Liam make his own life and leave him alone.


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