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0 B&B Recap – Jan 24 – Jan 28th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Stephanie continues to get after Nick to kick his addiction; if not for his own sake, for Jack’s.  Jack makes a startling confession to Nick that completely rocks his world.  While becoming emotionally closer in their budding relationship, Marcus discloses his family’s history to Dayzee. Donna tells Justin the purpose behind her gift to him and ends her explanation with an enticing proposition.  Nick invites Stephanie to lunch to inform her that he is taking her words to heart and is committed to kicking his nasty habit. After Nick’s seemingly heartfelt proclamation, Stephanie catches him caving into his addiction. Donna is beaming with joy when she tells her sister the good news about her reunion with Justin.

Bill goes out of his way to support Justin after hearing about Donna’s proposition. Justin surprises Donna with an official answer to her proposal. Brooke is still wary of Thomas after the incident on the jet on the way back from Paris. Thomas assures Brooke that she has nothing to worry about.  Madison confronts Thomas about dating her and Summer at the same time.  Nick becomes worried when Owen tells him that Stephanie came to see Jackie about an important matter.  Stephanie confesses to Jackie about Nick’s addiction and health scare. Nick barges into Stephanie and Jackie’s meeting to defend his actions and assure them both that he will be fine. Amber moves into the trailer park with Tawny and her multitude of cats.  Tawny recruits a new friend who is familiar with hospital lab mix-ups to help her falsify any possible paternity test results that may be asked of Amber. Amber is still reluctant to go along with the plan to pass her baby off as Liam’s.  Donna and Justin share their exciting news with Marcus. When Donna shares her big news with Stephen, he divulges a big surprise of his own. Hope and Liam receive an unexpected phone call that causes them to worry. Hope wonders how far Amber will go to seek revenge for being ratted out for stealing the Forrester Creations designs.

Pam worries about Stephanie’s reaction to the shocking information that she is about to receive. Stephen’s news is devastating to everyone, especially to Donna and Stephanie. Brooke makes an emotional plea to Stephanie to once and for all help her end the on-going feud between the Forrester and Logan families.


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