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0 B&B Recap – Jan 25 – Jan 29th

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Steffy and Hope put their differences aside and have a girls’ bonding night at Insomnia Café.  Oliver reveals to his sister, Sandy, the reason why he returned to Los Angeles.  Stephanie reverts back to her old ways of attempting to get Taylor to once again pursue Ridge.  Ridge makes a bold statement about his feelings towards Brooke’s family and how he plans to deal with it. Stephanie warns Whip that Taylor and Ridge will always have feelings for each other.  Whip invites Taylor to a romantic dinner and presents her with a gift and a heartfelt declaration. After Katie appoints Hope to be the voice of the new Forrester Creations campaign, Steffy confronts Katie about her true intentions.  Hope later confronts Steffy about her jealousy after being the butt of a malicious prank.  Stephanie gives Ridge an earful about what Taylor has been up to recently. Stephanie tries to convince Ridge to get as far away from the Logan family as possible and urges him to reunite with Taylor.  Having overheard this, Brooke lashes out at Stephanie for interfering in her marriage.  Nick and Sandy take the first steps in finding her attacker.  Graham sets up a photo shoot with Hope in his apartment and goes to the extreme to make her comfortable.   Katie and Brooke argue about the new “Hope for the Future” campaign and the affect that it will have on the company and their families.  Nick pays a visit to the man that he suspects is Sandy’s attacker.  Ridge and Taylor speculate about why Katie has a vendetta against Steffy.  Later, Taylor confronts Katie about her grudge.  After having the time of her life at a photo shoot with Graham, Hope’s evening takes a turn for the worst. Nick finds a clever, yet daring, approach to finding out if the man he suspects as Sandy’s attacker, is indeed the guilty party.  Taylor interrogates Steffy about why Katie is trying to push her out of the company.  Hope is horrified when she overhears a brutally candid conversation between Brooke and Ridge.  Having heard enough, Hope confronts Brooke and Ridge about their cruel words.

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