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0 B&B Recap – Jan 31 – Feb 4th

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Stephanie agrees to Brooke’s request to put the Logan vs. Forrester feud to rest for good. Regardless of their allowing bygones to be bygones, Stephanie issues Stephen a stern warning about his treatment of Pam. Donna pays a visit to Eric to share with him the good news about her and Justin getting married. She leaves him with a special memento to fondly remember their marriage by. As Hope attempts to poke holes in her story, Amber sticks to her guns that she is carrying Liam’s baby.

Amber confesses to Oliver about being pregnant, but assures him that he isn’t he father. She warns him that Liam and Hope will most likely approach him about his involvement with her. Before the wedding Donna, Brooke and Katie reminisce about their late mother and brother who will be missed on this special day.  A surprise out-of-town guest arrives just in time for the nuptials.  Despite the happiness of the day, Bill finds every opportunity to ruffle the feathers of many of the wedding guests. As the entire family gathers to celebrate the wedding of Donna and Justin, Marcus is especially happy to see his parents reunited.

In order to keep the spotlight off of Oliver as a potential father of her baby, Amber attempts to convince him to remain quiet about having slept with her. Unaware of Amber’s deception, Oliver agrees to Amber’s request in hopes of one day winning Hope back as his own.  Hope and Liam blatantly question Oliver about the possibility of him being the father of Amber’s baby.  Brooke confides in Katie about Thomas kissing her on the plane ride back from Paris.  Katie suggests that Brooke back out of the Taboo campaign in order to save her marriage.  Stephanie is surprisingly sensitive towards Eric on the topic of Donna getting remarried.  Eric assures Stephanie that he is exactly where his is supposed to be and is grateful to have another chance with her.  Thomas tells Ridge that he has a special woman in his life.

Nick is having difficulties dealing with his addiction and is taking out his irritability on everyone around him. ­Brooke reveals to Katie her embarrassing miscommunication with Thomas. Nick is given another harsh forewarning from Dr. Lewis about changing his lifestyle to ensure a healthy future. When Jackie implores her to talk to Nick again about his addiction, Stephanie comes up with a better idea of getting through to him. After an uncomfortable run-in between Brooke and Summer, Ridge demands an explanation. Ridge begins to narrow down the women in Thomas’ life regarding who could be the special someone.


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