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0 B&B Recap – Jan 4- Jan 8th

B&B recap Jan 4

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Brooke confronts Whip about why he and Sandy are hiding that they are related and why they are both suddenly involved with Bridget’s life.  Sandy learns more discouraging information about her case.   She is besieged with fear, sadness and anger when she revisits the evidence in her case.  Bridget asks Stephanie if she will accept an important position within her and Nick’s family.  Still suspicious of the new “Dare” line, Katie asks Jarrett for his opinion.  His opinion affirms her mistrust.  Sandy is overwhelmed by all of the unprocessed rape kits she sees and becomes extremely angry.  Brooke’s guilt about betraying Katie begins to worry Ridge. Katie puts Brooke on the spot when she confronts her regarding her suspicions of a mutiny.  Nick calms Bridget’s fears when she becomes worried about Sandy’s recent behavior. Eric, Ridge and Donna are worried that Katie is onto their plan to sabotage the “Dare” line.  Bill and Steffy discuss their kiss and their mutual dislike for each other.  Brooke admits to Katie that the new collection was meant to be a failure and begs her not to tell Bill.  Following an intense meeting with Katie, Bill calls a company meeting. Bill confronts the Forresters about their coup and gives them an ultimatum.  Bridget and Nick give Owen gag gifts in regards to becoming a grandfather in an addition to a “thank you” for all that he has done for Jackie.  Steffy reveals to her family her true hatred towards Katie and her sisters.  Bill tells Katie that he wants nothing to do with her family and questions her loyalty. Bill and Katie’s argument comes to a head and sends Katie running to the comfort of her family.  Katie blames her sisters for the problems she is having in her marriage.  Steffy shows up at Bill and Katie’s house to tell an intolerant Bill what she really thinks of him.  Although receiving discouraging news about her case, Sandy receives gratitude from   Lt. Baker for bringing to light their failing system.  Sandy vows to seek revenge against her attacker.

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