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2 B&B Recap – July 11 – July 15th

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Taylor has a difficult time believing that Stephanie is remorseful about influencing Thomas to lie about what happened with Brooke on the island. Brooke is shocked to learn that Taylor and Ridge’s wedding was interrupted and even more so that Thomas had been lying.  Thomas attempts to defend himself to Dayzee by trying to explain Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie’s past. Because of Thomas’ damaging lie and willingness to ruin the lives of others, Dayzee ends her relationship with him.

Brooke unloads on Thomas about how hurt she is about the lies that he told about her and how he has forever broken her trust in him.  Eric is appalled to learn that Stephanie is behind Brooke and Ridge’s break-up and the deceptive plan with Thomas. Stephanie reveals to Eric the real reason why she convinced Thomas to lie about Brooke and how she went about it. Thorne confesses to Eric about his feelings regarding the family and his place in it.

Stephanie goes to Brooke with the intent of making a heartfelt apology. Hope is ecstatic to learn that her suspicion about Thomas’ deception was correct. Thorne and Felicia can’t help but wonder if Stephanie’s latest machination will be the final straw for their parents’ marriage.  Stephanie attempts to explain to Brooke why she bribed Thomas into lying about what happened on the island.  Overwhelmed with guilt, Stephanie humbly apologizes to Brooke and makes a suggestion about how to remedy the bad blood between them.

With the assistance of Eric, Stephanie concocts a clever way to atone for all of the pain and trouble she has caused Brooke and Ridge.  After Katie tells Bill about the fallout at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding, he is unable to shake his sympathetic and loving thoughts of Steffy. Thomas confesses to Steffy his lie and how he was influenced to do so because of his jealousy regarding her position within the company.  Besides being distraught by Thomas’ deception, Steffy can’t bear the thought of losing Ridge again.  Steffy begs and pleads with Ridge to not abandon their family to go live a life with Brooke again. Sensing that Steffy is having a difficult time with her parents breaking up again, Bill asks her to meet him at the cliff house.   Emotionally distraught from her conversation with Ridge, Steffy has a brush with death in her car on her way to meet Bill.  Knowing how badly Steffy took the news about him and Taylor, Ridge is frantic to find her before she does something irrational.


  1. monday says:

    I’m truly surprised and happy how this played out, I did not want silly Taylor with the most boring man on the planet. If Ridge is paired with Brooke at least it’s a little entertaining, she’s always stroking his ego, so it’s funny to watch (eye roll,LOL). The way they are writing Steffi’s character, I find it really hard to like her, she’s a snob, homewrecker, fool, spoiled brat and just plain ugly inside and out. They need more scenes with Amber and her Mother those two play so well off each other. I don’t get what they are doing with Thomas & Dayzee and now I guess I’ll never know since she ditched him.


  2. kay killgore says:

    Yes once again we spend time on actors who can not act and throw the ones who can aside. Ridge what a loser!!!! Brooke hasn’t she slept with everybody! Taylor no self respect! Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!!


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