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1 B&B Recap – July 18 – July 22nd

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Bill and Steffy share an intimate moment where they share “I love you’s” and their devotion to each other. As Bill tries to persuade Steffy into giving up her fight with her father to fulfill her dream of being with him, Liam enters and catches them together. Liam demands to know the truth about Steffy when he confronts Bill about what he walked in on the night before.  Steffy blames Thomas for Ridge leaving their family this time. Hope sees Thomas for the first time since the truth about his lie was revealed. When Hope asks him what he has to say for himself, Thomas owns up to his mistake. Taylor becomes distraught when Ridge arrives to gather his belongings to move back in with Brooke.

Brooke and Ridge bask in the joy of being reunited, but lament in the fact that so many were hurt in the process.  Stephanie goes to Ridge and Brooke to find out how she can make things right between them all.  As Taylor licks her wounds from being dumped again, Bill arrives and offers to help her get back at Ridge. When Steffy and Hope have a verbal altercation about where Ridge belongs, Steffy maintains that her family will prevail. Taylor stops Thomas before he signs his Forrester Creations stocks back over to Stephanie.  She plans to protect Thomas’ interests in the company no matter what it takes.  Ridge has his own plan for the shares that Thomas was supposed to receive from Stephanie. After a game of cat and mouse, Steffy leads Bill to her bedroom for some alone time.  Bill and Steffy share a steamy and unforgettable evening together.

­After apologizing one more time, Stephanie asks Brooke to be a special part of her life again, just like she was during the time that Stephanie was fighting cancer. Taylor is suspicious that her daughter has someone in her bedroom with her when Steffy won’t allow her in. She is appalled to learn who and what Steffy is hiding and demands immediate answers. Karen arrives back in Los Angeles at the request of Katie, who has a big surprise planned for Bill.­


  1. friday says:

    Bill & Steffi = disgust & vomit.


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