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0 B&B Recap – July 26 – July 30th

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Brooke chases after a distraught Hope to explain the truth after word of the scandal involving Oliver is made public. Shocked by what her video tribute to Brooke contained, Steffy immediately becomes defensive about her innocence to Ridge. Refusing to believe that Steffy was not responsible, Ridge makes a drastic decision about her position at Forrester Creations. Justin is proud of the commotion that his version of the video had caused. Oliver joins Brooke in attempting to get Hope to listen to their side of the story and to forgive them both. Stephanie and Taylor admonish Ridge for blaming Steffy, and not Brooke, about the company scandal. Bridget recalls her history with Deacon and Brooke to Owen, who realizes that history has repeated itself. Needing support and guidance after her excruciatingly painful experience, Hope turns to the person who knows exactly what she is going through: Bridget.  Bridget has a difficult time comforting Hope while reliving the pain that she had gone through when Brooke had an affair with Deacon. Ridge fills the Logan family in on the events that took place at the press conference and assures them that his and Brooke’s marriage is still stable. Stephanie threatens to prevent Brooke from further hurting any more of their loved ones once and for all. Justin doesn’t receive the response he had hoped for when he brags to Bill about the part he played in the final version of the incriminating video. Steffy hires Liam and an I.T. private investigator to help her prove her innocence by verifying that her computer was tampered with. Oliver receives comfort over his rift with Hope from his sister, Aggie, and his friend, Jason Castro. When Hope turns to Stephanie for her opinion regarding Brooke’s actions, Stephanie opens up her home to her. Stephanie then gives Hope advice about how to deal with Brooke and Oliver. Bridget shocks her mother when she questions Brooke’s motives and her intentions towards Oliver.  Taylor attempts to mend Ridge and Steffy’s strained relationship by playing mediator. The meeting between Ridge and Steffy doesn’t end with the outcome that anyone had anticipated. To make up for Ridge’s harsh words, Taylor presents Steffy with a generous gift. Brooke is heartbroken when she learns that her estranged daughter, Hope, will be living with her nemesis, Stephanie. Oliver surprises Hope with a private performance by Jason Castro serenading her with her favorite song, “Love Uncompromised.”

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