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0 B&B Recap – July 4 – July 8th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Stephanie tries to convince Thomas not to reveal the truth about him and Brooke, but he is determined to fess up.  Eric queries Ridge about why he is rushing into marriage with Taylor so soon after his breakup with Brooke. Ridge confesses to Eric the reason why he is marrying Taylor so quickly. Brooke is consoled by her family as she mourns the loss of her marriage. Deep and dark secrets are revealed by all in attendance at Taylor’s bridal shower.  When Thomas states that he intends to tell the truth to Ridge and Taylor, Stephanie assures him that he is too late. Stephanie and Thomas’ guilt is worn down when Hope and Dayzee separately give them a final chance to come clean regarding the truth about Brooke before the wedding.  Ridge pays one last visit to Brooke and RJ where he says an emotional “goodbye”.

Brooke sends Ridge off to his wedding with loving words and a thoughtful souvenir. Steffy has a difficult time containing her excitement that her family has triumphed over Brooke.  Family and friends gather to witness Ridge and Taylor reunited in marriage. Liam and Hope attempt to distract RJ and cheer up Brooke from thinking about Ridge marrying Taylor. While Hope continues to stand firm that Thomas lied about what happened on the Island, Brooke defends her trust in him.  Thomas and Stephanie are riddled with guilt as they watch Taylor and Ridge exchange their marriage vows.  Heartbroken that Ridge and Taylor’s wedding is taking place, Brooke is comforted by Stephen.  Brooke hopes that once Ridge and Taylor are married, she will be able to move on with her life.  Dayzee and Steffy set their differences aside and agree to become friends.

In the living room, Ridge is aghast at Stephanie’s suggestion that they just continue as though nothing happened. Taylor turns to Thomas and asks him how he could do this! Stephanie doesn’t let him answer – she says he saw her and Ridge happy together the way it used to be. Taylor yells that she wouldn’t want a reunion this way – she thought her son was molested. She can’t believe what they’ve done. She says she thought it was Brooke who corrupted Thomas, but it was Stephanie. Thomas tells Taylor he did it for himself too. At the guesthouse, Eric tells Steffy that he sent the minister back to the house – he was uncomfortable. Steffy takes off, saying she needs to know what’s going on. Pam, Thorne, and Felicia continue to speculate on why Stephanie would stop the wedding. Marcus notices that Dayzee went after Steffy. At home, Brooke tells Stephen that Ridge and Taylor must be married by now. Brooke tells him to go – she needs to be alone. Stephen leaves, but returns to retrieve his phone. He can’t find Brooke. Pam phones and tells him they don’t know if the wedding is going to happen or not. Stephen hangs up and searches for Brooke. Outside, Brooke finds a solitary spot below a fountain and sits. Meanwhile, Stephen calls Katie to fill her in. On the Forrester mansion grounds, Dayzee stops Steffy from going into the house. Steffy realizes she knows exactly what’s going on. Dayzee stammers that it’s not her place to tell. Steffy worries about whether the wedding will happen.

Dayzee says no matter what happens, nothing will be the same. Eric enters the Forrester living room and demands to know what’s going on, noting that Stephanie’s been hiding something from him for days. Ridge sends him back to the guesthouse and asks Thomas what promises Stephanie made him. Thomas tells his parents about the shares. Taylor is livid that Stephanie bribed her son and now her happiness will be yanked away. Stephanie hollers argues that Ridge should be with Taylor anyway – what other decision could he make? Taylor tells Ridge she would like to go on with the wedding, but she realizes what his feelings are for Brooke, who’s done nothing wrong. She tells Ridge what happens next is his decision. Back in the guesthouse, Eric tells the group he doesn’t have any answers. Steffy pleads with everyone to hang in there – she can’t believe the wedding is off. Pam calls Stephen back and warns him not to get Brooke’s hopes up – no one’s been sent home. Stephanie opens the door. Everyone clamors to ask what’s going on. Brooke sits watching the fountain in her garden. Suddenly rose petals appear in the water. She looks up to see Ridge smiling at her.


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