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0 B&B Recap – July 5th – July 9th

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After many failed attempts to reach Nick on the phone, Bridget pays a visit to Nick on the Shady Marlin to discuss the future of their marriage. Oliver strikes a sensitive nerve with Steffy when trying to convince her not to go public with the information about him and Brooke. He is stunned when Steffy gives him her list of demands for keeping quiet. Brooke can’t believe what she is hearing when Ridge makes a confession about the night of Hope’s party.   In a moment of selfish and spiteful anger, Steffy brutally berates Hope and makes a serious threat. When Bridget begs Nick to not give up on their marriage, he makes it clear to her about his thoughts regarding their future together. Brooke and Oliver differ in their opinions of whether to accept Steffy’s list of demands. Not being able to come to an agreement with Oliver about what to do, Brooke pleads with Steffy for alternative terms.  Steffy puts Brooke and Oliver on the spot when she puts an expiration date on her offer. Feeling as though they’ve been backed into a corner, Oliver and Brooke make their decision about whether or not to accept Steffy’s proposal. Stephanie warns Ridge that Brooke may soon find herself in the middle of another juicy scandal. Hope is taken aback by the advice Oliver’s gives her about her future.  Confused by Brooke’s latest decision regarding her future at Forrester Creations, Ridge demands to know what prompted it. Bitter from the breakup of his own marriage, Nick issues a stern warning to Jackie about her outlook. Hope is suspicious about Oliver’s recent change of attitude towards her and wonders if Steffy has something to do with it. Owen and Bridget experience an awkward moment when discussing their individual futures and their baby.  Despite Ridge’s plea for her to change her mind, Brooke makes a shocking announcement to the Forresters about her position within the company. Owen and Bridget are not only stunned by Nick’s warning to Jackie, but also by her justification of it. During a private moment, Bridget crosses the line during an emotional confession to Owen. Because of Oliver’s words of advice, Hope makes a heartbreaking decision about her future.

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