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0 B&B Recap – June 20 – June 24th

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Carl attempts to give Amber the results of the latest paternity test while she is giving birth. Feeling as though she and Liam may never have a future together, Hope contemplates accepting Oliver’s proposal. Marcus finds himself in hot water with one of his many flings as she catches him with another woman. Liam desperately attempts to get a hold of Hope to share his news about Amber’s baby. Bill and Katie celebrate closing an old chapter in their lives and beginning a new one.   Hope is left in a quandary after Liam inadvertently interrupts Oliver’s marriage proposal. Oliver’s accidental slip of the lip leaves Hope and Liam with many questions regarding his history with Amber. Because of the many opinions and oppositions from those around her, Amber has a difficult time naming her baby. Tawny wears out her welcome in Amber’s hospital room as she manages to insult and belittle the other visitors. Amber states that she hopes that being a mother will inspire her to change her wily ways.  Taylor delivers the good news to Stephanie that Brooke has selflessly given her blessing for her to be with Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that she realized that they aren’t meant for each other and that Taylor will give him everything Brooke couldn’t.

Ridge is shocked by the surprising request Brooke makes. Stephanie sees firsthand how badly Thomas’ guilt is taking a toll on him. Thomas questions if he is deserving of receiving anything that is good because of the lies that he told and lives that he ruined. Brooke is consoled by her sisters after she tells them about giving Taylor and Ridge her blessing to be together. Thomas and Steffy are surprised when they learn that Ridge has come home to stay and is reuniting with Taylor. Steffy is taken aback by Thomas’ negative attitude towards the reunion.  Donna and Katie attempt to hide their disgust after Brooke confesses to them what Thomas claims happened on the island between them. Brooke is at a loss for words when her sisters ask her how she could ruin the marriage that she fought for years to get. Bill tries to get information out of Hope about the end of Brooke and Ridge’s marriage for a magazine article he plans to write. Marcus goes to Stephanie for advice about a serious matter that concerns the entire Forrester family. Taylor gives Ridge guidelines regarding their reconciliation.


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