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0 B&B Recap – March 1 – March 5th

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Donna’s worst fears come true when Pam confirms her return to Forrester Creations.  The Forrester family celebrates getting their company back, but not without asking Steffy how she went about acquiring it from Bill. Later, Eric names a new CEO of Forrester Creations.  Bridget lashes out at Nick for the constant hurdles that they have encountered in their marriage.  No longer able to keep the secret, Brooke announces to Ridge how Steffy went about buying Forrester Creations back from Bill.  A devastated Bridget turns to the arms of another man for comfort after leaving Nick.  Sensing that Steffy’s actions have been less than admirable, Hope delivers her stepsister a stern and eye-opening warning.  Wanting to hear the whole truth, Ridge confronts Steffy about her dealings with Bill. Brooke is in shock by Ridge’s reactions to Steffy’s deceptive description of how she went about getting Forrester Creations back from Bill.  Steffy puts Ridge in a difficult position when she makes a request of him.  After officially signing a contract to be an owner of Forrester Creations, Taylor‘s day gets even better when she celebrates with Whip.  Bridget’s devastation over her and Nick’s constant marital issues slowly turns to anger, and then disillusion.   Steffy proposes a new advertising campaign that centers around the Forrester family, not the Logans.  She continues to make Ridge feel guilty for the choices that he has made concerning how and where he devotes his time.  Bridget finds an unconventional way to grieve her loss and an ally to help her.  Nick feels responsible for the events which led up to the failure of his marriage. Bridget returns to Nick with an apology and an intention to make a confession.  In turn, Nick accepts the blame for their marital problems and begs Bridget not to leave him.  During lunch at Insomnia Café, Marcus notices that Steffy’s attention is drawn elsewhere.  Jackie and Owen spend a hot and steamy afternoon together.  Hope and Oliver share their first kiss.

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