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0 B&B Recap – March 12 – March 16th


Bill tries to convince Steffy to not sign the annulment papers that would dissolve her marriage to Liam.  He is confident that Liam’s disappointing evening with Hope will ultimately drive him back to Steffy.  Hope asks Brooke to keep her therapy sessions and what was discussed between the two of them.  Hope and Liam make another attempt at having an intimate evening together.     Hope is still grappling with her emotions about the new step she is taking in her relationship with Liam.  Steffy makes a drastic decision about how to deal with the end of her marriage and how to hopefully get Liam back.  Brooke and Ridge attempt to talk Steffy out of her plan to leave town and to find an alternative method of coping with the end of her marriage.

Hope divulges to Brooke about her evening with Liam and how she was able to deal with her intimacy issues.  Steffy’s feelings are hurt by Liam when he assures her that he is completely happy in his relationship with Hope.  He feels a tremendous amount of guilt when she informs him of her plan to leave town in order for her to heal following their breakup.  Taylor and Brooke bicker about their daughters and which one of them Liam truly loves.  Bill makes another attempt to convince Liam into staying married to Steffy before he lives to regret it.




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