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0 B&B Recap – March 14 – March 18th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

After begging for forgiveness, Brooke is devastated when Stephanie tells her that she regrets ever trusting her and that they can never be friends again.  Taylor regales in the idea that she and Stephanie will once again, be best friends and in opposition of Brooke. After Ridge decides to cancel the Taboo line, Thomas begs his father to reconsider. Thomas admits to Ridge the true reason that he kissed Brooke. Distraught by the cancelation of Taboo, Thomas lashes out at Taylor and blames her for his loss.  Thomas makes a clandestine deal with Madison to help him save the Taboo line.  Despite Brooke’s appeal to reconsider, Ridge is adamant that Taboo is to be discontinued. Stephanie and Taylor gang up on Ridge about Brooke’s latest indiscretion.  Thomas defies Ridge’s orders and proceeds with a press conference where he makes a surprising announcement.  Ridge is frustrated by seeing Brooke by Thomas’ side as they publicly speak about the future of the Taboo line.  Taylor and Stephanie blame Brooke for corrupting Thomas into making the announcement at the press conference.  Madison mistakenly lets a Forrester Creations secret fall into the wrong hands.  Stephanie attempts to use a secret weapon to get through to Thomas.  Stephanie and Taylor anticipate that the days are numbered for Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.


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