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0 B&B Recap – March 15 – March 19th

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Caught kissing by a brokenhearted Hope, Steffy and Oliver try to downplay the situation.  Without revealing the real reason why he was with Steffy, Oliver asks Hope for another chance.  Steffy tells Taylor about the ammunition she has that could rid Forrester Creations of the Logans for good.  Ridge and Brooke discuss how their lives and families have changed throughout the years. Brooke becomes worried when she learns that Hope and Steffy are both vying for the attention of the same guy.  Oliver confronts Steffy about her ill feelings towards Hope and the Logan family.  Hope is mortified by Brooke’s reaction to meeting Oliver for the first time.  Bridget and Owen have an awkward encounter that leads to them attempting to justify their one-night-stand. Seeing that she longer has a use for Aggie at Jackie M, or in her life, Bridget fires her.  Steffy intentionally delays Oliver from leaving for his date with Hope by interrogating him about why he would choose Hope over her.   Not hearing valid enough reasons from Oliver about his decision, Steffy tries a different approach by offering him a job. Whip and Taylor reach another milestone in their budding relationship.  Aggie stumbles upon damning information about Bridget.

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