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0 B&B Recap – March 22 – March 26th

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Hope and Oliver enjoy each other’s company at her dance while Steffy watches with jealousy.  When Marcus introduces his new girlfriend to Steffy, she realizes the extent of her loneliness.  Jackie notices that Owen’s demeanor is erratic and his thoughts seem to be elsewhere.  As Aggie is about to reveal what she knows about Bridget and Owen, Nick stops and reminds her about the friendship she once had with Bridget.  Touched by Nick’s words, Bridget offers Aggie her job, and her friendship, back.  Aggie confesses to Oliver about what she did with the video of Owen and Bridget.  After witnessing a moment between Bridget and Owen, Aggie wonders if she did the right thing.  Owen attempts to talk Bridget out of confessing to Nick about their intimate night together.  Steffy’s desire to win Oliver’s attention increases after Hope confronts her about her intentions. Whip and Brooke arrange a double date to test Taylor’s feelings for Ridge.  Taylor worries that she may not be able to pass Whip’s test.  Eric is caught between Donna and Stephanie when Donna insists that Eric get rid of Pam.  Donna becomes concerned when she notices that Eric and Stephanie have become close again.  Bill attempts to take Katie’s mind off of her unemployment. Eric suffers backlash from Donna in regards to his decision about Pam’s employment.  Taylor doesn’t notice how uncomfortable Whip is when she and Ridge reminisce about their past, but soon realizes that she is failing the test.  Donna runs to Katie for support, but finds Bill instead.  When telling Stephanie about his fight with Donna, Eric kisses her.  Taylor makes a realization about her relationship with Whip.  In turn, Whip makes a decision about his future with Taylor.   Nick discovers a touching poem that Aggie had composed and assumes that he is its muse.  Aggie hints to Nick that Bridget has done something wrong. Bridget’s guilt begins to get the best of her and she once again has second thoughts about keeping her and Owen’s secret.  Brooke and Ridge leave Café Russe for the last time as their favorite restaurant closes its doors forever.

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