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0 B&B Recap – March 7 – March 11th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

When Donna questions Justin about Bill’s recent peculiar behavior, they are mutually relived that Marcus isn’t the one involved with Amber.  Donna and Marcus are stunned when Marcus defends Amber against their negative words about her.  Bill is caught off-guard when Steffy confronts him and makes accusations regarding the interaction that she witnesses between him and Amber.  As Bill professes his innocence in the situation, he gets the shock if a lifetime. Donna goes to Katie about Bill’s unusual actions and asks of there is more than the situation with Amber that is bothering him.  Taylor confides in Ridge about her concerns regarding their children. Thomas asks Brooke for advice and her opinion about his dating life.  Bill confesses to Steffy about the details surrounding his evening with Amber.

Steffy makes Bill realize all that he put at stake by his irresponsible actions.  Taylor flips out when she hears that Thomas is planning another European trip with Brooke to promote the “Taboo” line.  Confident from the lack of additional scandals with Thomas and Brooke, Ridge fully supports their new campaign.  Fresh off of her break-up with Liam, Hope is encouraged by Brooke to allow Oliver to comfort her.  Oliver jumps at the opportunity to remind Hope of how good their relationship was when they were together.  Taylor makes another attempt to get Stephanie to take her side about pulling the plug on the Taboo line and about Brooke’s true nature.  Stephanie’s initial reaction is to defend Brooke, but Taylor’s case against her is too great to overlook. Thomas asks Steffy for support after he confesses to her about him kissing Brooke on their trip back from Paris.  Stephanie reminds Taylor that she is happily married to Whip. While making a care package to send to Marcus in Paris, Dayzee assures Thomas that neither of her current relationships is exclusive.  Taylor admonishes Brooke about her seemingly- inappropriate bond with


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