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0 B&B Recap – March 8 – March 12th

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While celebrating getting Forrester Creations back, Steffy and Stephanie plot to completely rid the company of the Logans.  Aggie fears what her life will become now that she is no longer a surrogate for Nick and Bridget.  Guilt-stricken Bridget and Owen agree to keep their tryst a secret from Nick and Jackie.  Steffy becomes suspicious about what Oliver is hiding on his phone. Stunned by the video that she views on Oliver’s phone, Steffy goes out of her way to obtain more information.  Ridge finds himself in a difficult position when Stephanie and Taylor exclude Brooke from a company meeting.  Stephanie’s suggestion for a drastic change in the company doesn’t go over too well with Brooke.  Bridget begins to feel less guilt and more at ease as Nick assures her that nothing will come between them again. Nick takes Bridget on a surprise getaway to recharge their relationship.  Steffy to seduce Oliver with the intent to get her hands on the video on his phone.  Steffy’s gig is up when he catches her red-handed.  Brooke gives Ridge a reminder of why he stood up for her in the meeting with Stephanie.  After walking in on Brooke and Ridge’s “meeting,” Stephanie makes a bold declaration. Bridget has moments of guilt during her romantic getaway with Nick.  Owen overcompensates for his guilt by preparing a romantic evening for Jackie.  Hope reveals to Brooke about the new man in her life, Oliver.  Brooke becomes concerned when she learns more about Oliver.  Steffy is confident that she now has ammunition against Brooke and the Logan family.  For Hope’s sake, Oliver vows to stop Steffy. Bridget’s guilt gets the best of her as she makes a confession to Nick.  Jackie and Owen agree to put all of their problems in the past behind them.  Jackie is unaware of the true context to which Owen is speaking of.  Oliver learns the extent of Steffy’s vindictive nature, and what fuels it, when he tries to convince her to not proceed with the next step of her plan.

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