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0 B&B Recap – May 14 – May 18th

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As they go head-to-head over whom Liam should be with, Stephanie informs Brooke that she needs to accept that Hope will not be getting married anytime soon.  Amber is pleased with her latest plan when she witnesses Caroline’s blatant avoidance of Rick.  She uses this latest development to her advantage to work her flirting up to a kiss.  When Brooke overhears a private conversation between Steffy and Stephanie about Liam, she rushes over to confront him about what she had heard.

Brooke confronts Liam about the reason why he tore up the signed annulment papers and questions him about his current intentions towards Hope.  Rick turns to Hope for help with finding out why Caroline has been suddenly avoiding him.  Hope is shocked when Caroline tells her the true reason why her feelings for Rick have changed.  Knowing that Rick is feeling rejected and vulnerable, Amber expresses her undying love for him.

Thomas gushes to Ridge about how Caroline has become his inspiration for the new Forrester collection.  When Caroline shows Hope the photos of Rick that turned her off, Hope becomes determined to find out exactly what is going on.  Hope interrupts Amber’s seduction of Rick to confront her about the photos and rumors regarding Rick.  Brooke and Ridge disagree about whether Caroline should be with Thomas or with Rick.

Caroline appears to be hiding something when Thomas asks about her family.  Amber attempts to justify to Rick why she purposely misled Caroline about him.  Wanting to clear the air with Thomas about her family, Caroline invites him to her parents’ home for dinner.  Karen insists that Caroline not reveal their family’s secret to Thomas. Brooke’s disdain for Amber grows even more when she learns about her recent negative involvement in Rick and Hope’s lives.

Thomas finds himself in an awkward situation as Karen and Caroline disagree about whether or not to divulge their secret.  Bill’s uninvited visit during Karen’s dinner party makes the evening even more uncomfortable.  Donna and Katie emotionally reminisce about their families as they catch up with the current events in their respective lives.  Katie impatiently awaits Bill’s arrival home so that she may deliver life-altering news. Caroline catches Thomas off-guard with a confession about her family.



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