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0 B&B Recap – May 23 – May 27th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Taylor is rushed to the hospital after ingesting the berries that Thomas brought back from the island.  Brooke is interrupted by Stephanie just as she is about to tell Ridge about what she believes to have happened on the island with Thomas.  Furious that his wife had been poisoned due to careless behavior, Whip reprimands Thomas for putting his mother in grave danger and grills him about why he still has the berries.  Taylor confesses to Ridge about her hallucinations of him while she was under the influence of the berries.

Thomas becomes sentimental as he watches Ridge dote over Taylor while she’s in the hospital.  Stephanie becomes suspicious when she overhears Thomas make a private phone call to Brooke.  Taylor confides in Steffy about how she often thinks about what her life would have been like if she and Ridge had stayed together.  When Ridge tells her how the berries acted as an aphrodisiac on Taylor, Brooke assures him that she did not receive the same effect.  Stephanie makes Thomas an offer that he can’t refuse after he tells her the truth about what really happened on the island.  Ridge doesn’t understand how Brooke can be certain that she didn’t have the same reaction to the berries as Taylor had.  Stephanie makes Thomas a lucrative offer to lie about what happened on the island in exchange for a much brighter future at Forrester Creations.  Whip’s feelings are hurt when Taylor shuns him as he attempts to comfort her.  Stephanie forewarns Steffy that Ridge and Taylor will ultimately reunite… and soon.  Thomas tells Ridge and Brooke about the events that took place on the island that he recently remembered.

Stephanie believes that Ridge and Taylor could have a wonderful future together without Brooke in the way and vows not to rest until that happens.  Thomas puts on the performance of his life as he recounts his story about what happened between him and Brooke on the island while they were under the influence of the berries.  Brooke denies Thomas’ claim as Ridge demands to know more information.  Realizing that there is nothing he can do to change Taylor’s lingering feelings for Ridge, Whip makes a drastic decision about his marriage.  ­When Thomas shows signs of guilt for lying to Ridge and Brooke about what happened on the island, Stephanie strongly reminds him about why he agreed to lie. Brooke is desperate to convince Ridge that there is no way that she could have crossed that line with Thomas during her hallucination. Stephanie assures Taylor that it is just a matter of time before she is reunited with Ridge. Refusing to believe that Thomas would ever lie about such a thing, Ridge leaves Brooke wondering how this will affect their marriage.­


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