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0 B&B Recap – May 28 – June 1st


Despite his reservations about the ill will that is intended towards Hope, Deacon reluctantly accepts Bill’s offer.  Brooke desperately attempts to dissuade Hope from wanting to contact her biological father.  She confronts Dr. Barton about putting the idea into Hope’s head and explains to her why Hope reconnecting with Deacon would be a very bad idea.  Alison is forced to cover for Bill when Katie and Karen become suspicious of his whereabouts.  Marcus confronts Justin about the conversation that he overheard between him and Bill. With the finalization of Liam and Steffy’s divorce just hours away, she and Hope have a civil conversation about all they have been through in the past few months.  Karen goes to Bill for a significant personal favor.  Bill misreads the context of a business meeting.

A multitude of emotions are displayed amongst all concerning parties as they anxiously await midnight, the hour that Liam and Steffy’s divorce is final. Bill and Ridge make their separate pleas to Liam about making the right decision concerning his relationship with Steffy.  Feeling betrayed by Ridge, Hope is grateful to Eric for stepping in for him.  Meanwhile, Steffy patiently waits for Liam to change his mind about ending their marriage.

Hope reveals to Eric her desire to have her biological father walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Ridge feels torn knowing that by the end of the day, one of his daughters will be heartbroken. Liam and Steffy spend their final hours as husband and wife together reliving their good times.


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