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0 B&B Recap – May 3 – May 7th

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Taylor and Stephanie suggest that Brooke retire as the spokesmodel for the Bedroom line.  Their suggestion of a replacement doesn’t go over too well with Brooke.  Feeling badly for Owen that he has sacrificed having children in order to be with Jackie, Nick offers him the opportunity to be a part of Bridget’s baby’s life.  Jackie is devastated by the betrayal of both Owen and Bridget.  Results of the paternity test that Bridget took are revealed.  When Nick tells Aggie about Bridget being pregnant, she becomes suspicious about the paternity of the baby.  Aggie attempts to discreetly raise Nick’s suspicions, as well.  Jackie asks Bridget to lie to Owen about the test results to test his commitment to his marriage to her.  As Bridget tells Owen about the paternity of her child, Jackie hides to observe his actions.  Jackie is determined to protect her marriage while also protecting her son’s heart.  Aggie has a hard time keeping her mouth shut as Nick gushes about Bridget’s pregnancy.  Aggie tells Oliver that she hopes that Bridget’s baby is Owen’s so that her marriage would break up and that Aggie could have Nick.  After observing Bridget and Owen, Jackie realizes that Owen truly does love her.   Jackie demands that Bridget promise to never allow Nick to know about her marital indiscretion with Owen. Bill continues to egg Donna on that Stephanie is responsible for Beth’s death.  After assisting Donna with a list of demands, Bill arranges a meeting between her and Eric where he acts as a mediator.  Donna tells Eric of her requests to preserve the future of their marriage and, that if he doesn’t agree to them, that she will leave him.  Stephanie confesses to Thorne her hopes for her future and shocks him with a declaration.  Hope and Oliver grow closer as a couple. Eric agrees to some, but not all of Donna’s demands. Because he did not acquiesce to all of her requests, Donna leaves Eric.  Hearing that Donna left Eric, Pam finds her own creative way to rid Donna of Forrester Creations.   As Stephanie comforts Eric for his loss, they reminisce about their better years together.  Nick interrupts an extremely intense moment between Jackie and Bridget.  

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